VINCI Energies in Portugal

VINCI Energies Portugal acelarates the technological development of its customers, namely in the two major technological transformations: the energy transition and the digital revolution. With more than 1,100 employees and a turnover of 150 million euros, its activity extends beyond Portugal and European institutions, being present in Africa, namely in Angola, Mozambique and Ghana.

VINCI Energie’s is in Portugal since 2005 throw the company Sotécnica and is associated companies and has acquired Novabase IMS in 2016.

The companies carry out their activities in Services and in Projects for energy, security, HVAC and telecommunications in all the sectors of the economy.

The numerous skills and its european dimension allows VINCI Energies to have a stronger presence in areas that today demand more technology and greater capacity for intervention.

VINCI Energies has been growing within the Portuguese market through its brands and thus gaining the respect and appreciation of the customers, and there for giving confidence to the company in 2016 to have launched the Axians brand in the Portuguese market.

VINCI Energies Portugal has a wide range of offers in the most diverse economic and geographical areas through its 8 brands:

act_logo_rgb_low-actemium Log_AXIANS_CRVB
074_logo_sotecnica_azul contactos Logo SotMoz transparente
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ACTEMIUM develops activities in the area of Industry; AXIANS in the area of ICT (Information, Communications and Telecommunications); OMEXOM in the area of energy production, transportation and distribution infrastructures; VINCI Facilities in the areas of building maintenance and management; Sótecnica, Sotécnica Açores, SotMoz and SotAng in the tertiary area.

International activity is growing, representing a quarter of billing in 2016.