Banco Millennium Atlântico

Uptime Institute Certified TIER III Datacenter

Banco Millennium Atlântico – BMA is a private bank targeting a reference position in the Angolan Financial Market. Committed with excellence in quality, BMA recognizes that business information is crucial to its sustainability, and is committed to deliver specific management processes to insure its confidentiality, integrity and availability. These achievements are related to the implementation of a primary Datacenter to process and store its data, under specific security requirements selected among several international best practices standards. BMA challenged AXIANS to participate on a high specialized team to deliver from the scratch, the first Angolan and one of the few Africans, ‘Uptime Institute Certified TIER III Datacenter’, a worldwide highly recognized certification. During the past 2 years, this project has involved dozens of experts in a wide range of disciplines: Architecture, Construction, Energy Grid, Cooling Grid, Fire Protection and Perimeter Security, IT Load, System Cabling, Communications Network, Monitoring and Control.

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