Smart Data Concentrator

EDP – Energias de Portugal is the largest Portuguese utility as well as one of Portugal’s largest business groups, and among the major European operators in the energy sector.

Being fully aware that their grid needed major changes to be able to keep up with the energy market needs, EDP has launched many initiatives such as InovCity Évora pilot to define the technology platform that better suit their needs. AXIANS has been fully involved since the very beginning, from design documentation, live labs to implementation. For EDP, AXIANS isn’t just a traditional provider but a true partner they can trust to achieve their goals.

Partnering with Ormazabal we have developed a Smart Data Concentrator, already installed on their LV Grid, that provides a communication platform that helps taking it out of the “dark” by bringing to EDP all the metering and grid systems data. All is ON and AXIANS connects it all.

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