IP/MPLS 2.0 – Rollout and Migration of Multiservice Backbone

Telco Routing & Switching

A Fixed and Mobile Operator with, Cable, mobile and FTTH access, decided to modernize their existing IP/ MPLS Backbone to transport the different subscriber traffic and services – Voice, internet, TV and mobile/signaling services. The Service Provider uses a common IP backbone to reduce CAPEX and OPEX to transport all sort of traffic type.

AXIANS Portugal helped the Service Provider to supply, design, rollout and migrate the IP/MPLS network based on Cisco ASR portfolio family. This is a project that required a national rollout, including islands, which comprises project management, support on the Low Level Design, installation and commissioning, as well, developing scripting tool to support the Enterprise Customer migration from the legacy multivendor IP network. This network, is the cornerstone to aggregate the DOCSIS and FTTH network, migrate the Mobile Backhaul network, SIGTRAN / Packet Core traffic for mobile and Video Transport for TV subscribers.




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