Santa Maria Airport (SMA)

Remodeling of CAP and Light Signaling by Sotécnica.

Santa Maria Airport (SMA) suffered from the need for modernization and, above all, to control its fixed costs of maintenance and operation.

Sotécnica presented a proposal for more modern equipment, thus increasing the reliability of operation and consequently reducing the costs inherent to the maintenance and operation of the ASM facilities.

For this purpose the following was considered:

  • The redefinition of the series traces and their adaptation to the new layout of the Airport, taking into account the circulation of aircraft in the ground;
  • Replacement of the underground piping network with a more insulating one;
  • Replacement of existing cables with new ones;
  • Replacement of existing luminaires with new ones, with lower energy consumption and longer durability;
  • Replacement of the Command and Control System of Light Signaling (SCCSL), in order to adapt it to the operational needs of Santa Maria Airport.

The operation of the new equipment and its maintenance require new training, which was administered to the technicians of ANA Aeroportos by Sotécnica. Training was also given to NAV air traffic controllers operating the Command and Control System for Light Signaling (SCCSL).

20160430_121032  20160520_170550  Entreprises SotŽcnica ABT et Sotubar AŽroport de Lisbonne Portugal le 15 juillet 2015

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