SCADA System for irrigation network in the Eastern Algarve

SCADA System for irrigation network

In a region where the supply of water to the population and agricultural and industrial sectors has been a constant concern of the entities responsible for the management of water resources, the Beliche-Odeleite hydro-agricultural exploitation program has taken shape.

Hydro-agricultural exploitation extends along the Algarve’s leeward, through the coastal and half-slope strip, in the best coastal and baroque soils.

The beneficiary area is divided into irrigation blocks, each of which has its own separate irrigation network.

The Monitoring, Automation and SCADA System was executed by Actemium, with a technical solution based on its own integrated equipment and tools and with a relevant implementation in the country in several irrigation systems, from Alentejo to Trás-os-Montes.

The supervisory system is based on a client / server architecture.

The supervisory system server is responsible for the communication of data between the control units located in the various facilities of the client, as well as the availability of this information to the clients of remote management.



Remote Units

These Remote Units allow the acquisition of local data and the transmission of these data to the Irrigation Control Center. They are installed in hydrants and meter boxes, where consumption data, intrusion alerts and pressure drop are collected at crucial points in the irrigation network.

The communications to and from the centers are carried out on the basis of the GSM / GPRS mobile tetelonic network, which ensures the sending and receiving of SMS messages for information and recognition of occurrences and alarm situations.

The production of these Remote Units is carried out in Portugal by Actemium, where modern production technology is used and where the necessary technical tests are carried out in order to guarantee high quality standards.

The tasks of these Remote Units are as follows:

  • Acquisition and recording of process data
  • Transfer of data to the Supervision and Control system

Local Remote Unit

Installed at the interfaces between the primary and secondary systems, they have the function of interconnecting the local automation with the telemanagement system, thus allowing the acquisition of data and the execution of remote orders from the main dispatch center.

Main characteristics:

  • Acquisition and recording of process data
  • Manual control of the drives / station
  • Reception of data from the Supervision and Control System or other automatons
  • Transfer of data to the Supervision and Control system

Automation Monitoring Software

The monitoring, automation and remote management system consists of an integrated system for the main system and the secondary irrigation network system.

The central supervisory system is based on the latest version of ViewStar ICS software.

In addition, the ViewGest software modules dedicated to the Irrigation Control Center (CCR) and the SMS messaging software, ViewAlert, are used.

Actemium’s ViewGest software module, which consists of a WEB platform and SQL Server database, allows access from any computer with a web browser, is more connected to the functions of management of consumption.

VIEWGEST - Software Module dedicated to the Management, Monitoring of Consumption of the Secondary Watering System (CCR)

The ViewGest Software Module, is a software module integrated in the Viewstar ICS management software environment, is dedicated to the management of the irrigation and consumption network. This module assures the rational exploitation of the network, namely the monitoring of the irrigation profile of the plot, as well as detection of anomalies and consequent warning, also at the plot level. It also ensures the registration and export of elements necessary for the billing of consumption.

Through the adopted solution, any user (client) with rights to such, can access the application through any PC, ipad, phone or Android tablet with internet explorer installed that is within the Ethernet network of the WEB server or via internet, if Access is made available for this purpose.

VIEWALERT - Software Module Dedicated to the Prevention System

The Prevention system is used to report alarms and / or events in SMS message format to operators or maintenance managers.

It has the functionality to configure the sending alarms, set up prevention teams per week, include and remove elements of the prevention team, assign telephone numbers and define sending hierarchies.

The sending can be configured with repetition cycles until it is recognized (by SMS or in the central system) and hierarchical sequence if the request is not met from the number of defined attempts. All sent messages are saved in the database for further queries.

ViewGest M - Module for Maintenance

This functionality facilitates the interface with the operators of the MAT system, in terms of the management and operation of the system, in an integrated way. The functionalities to be implemented are developed in a customized way, in an application linked to the consumption management system ViewGest.

The system allows the following actions:

  • Possibility of the operator entering the work number at the beginning of each intervention through the smartphone or tablet;
  • The completion of the intervention is recorded at the end time, as well as comments or others;
  • It is possible to filter by data, by work number, NPP number / hydrant, type of intervention.

The system guarantees the creation of the history, in digital format, of all open interventions, and can be printed on demand, with all the inherent advantages of searching for data, eliminating file space, etc. This avoids the use of physical support of the data (on paper) of the interventions as well as their consequent storage. Among the several advantages of using an online system of the recommended type, it is also worth mentioning the possibility of making a clear analysis of the occurrences per installation, in order to identify anomalous and recurrent situations.

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