Sotécnica executes the Infrastructure for the Charging of Electric Vehicles at EDP Headquarters

The EDP Group's commitment to Electric Mobility has been implemented in its facilities with infrastructures that allow's the monitoring of the increase of the fleet at its disposal.

The Headquarters Building in Lisbon is no exception, and in spite of the occasional installation of charging stations with power already available at the plant, it was necessary to carry out more installations, in order to respond to the pressing situations with higher consumption, in level -6 (garage).

Sotécnica executed the installation of the Power Infrastructure that allowed to place on the floor -6, a Partial Frame for power supply of Electric Vehicle Loading Systems, from the Main Board, with the respective change in the protection equipment for the purpose, as well as the launch of the power supply cables as required.

One of the outputs provided by this table had the purpose of powering a satellite charging station, already in experimental phase, that communicates through the modem of the charging station Hub – Smart Charging. A 4x22kW electric vehicle charger board was implemented in a stainless steel structure, designed for this purpose, which allows the electrical panel to be fixed, to load stations and to accommodate connections from the Power Board-6CVE.

This type of charging defines all the smart features in a charging station that helps to optimize the process, making it an indispensable resource for operators of multiple charging points.

Smart Charging creates and distributes available energy efficiently and flexibly. As a result, unnecessary costs such as overcapacity rates can be avoided and your charging stations can be fully utilized in case of limited capacity. Anywhere, anytime. Allows you to distribute the available capacity by location in proportion to the loading stations in use with the Load Balancing service.

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