Actemium: An expert in industrial performance

Actemium, an active participant in the transformation to industry 4.0, is the brand of VINCI Energies dedicated to industrial processes. Present throughout the life cycle of industrial equipment, ACTEMIUM designs, builds and maintains, with the aim of improving its performance.

Actemium helps its industrial customers improve their performance and competitiveness by offering customised solutions to address the issues raised by technological change in the industrial environment. The brand lends its expertise in the fields of electrical, mechanical and thermal engineering, process control and monitoring, industrial robots, Manufacturing Execution System…

Actemium helping customers to:

      • Optimise productivity,
      • Reduce energy consumption of processes,
      • Increase availability and life span of facilities,
      • Improve organisation and maintenance costs.

      From the design stage upstream to maintenance downstream, including engineering and building, customers can rely on Actemium’s expertise throughout the entire industrial chain.

Actemium: an international partner for industry

The 300 business units that make up the Actemium network are located in over 40 countries throughout the world. These business units are organised by sectors of activity with dedicated experts in each process. The brand network is thus able to offer solutions both on the local and global levels, with an approach that makes it possible to meet the new demands of industry players wherever they are located.

The Actemium network is made up of business units working on their local markets closely with customers. Each business unit is specialised by market segment and offers specific expertise. The dynamics behind the Actemium network make it possible to share know-how and skills so as to offer innovative solutions in line with market demands, in particular via the Actemium Expert Clubs.

Actemium in Portugal is a turn-key project development company for SCADA, automation and control systems.

Actemium’s scope includes the design, development, construction, implementation and commissioning of these systems. Instrumentation and electrical installations complement the scope of our services.

At Actemium, R & D plays a very important role in creating solutions geared to customer needs and processes.


  • SCADA systems for Gas, Oil and Water Distribution Network
  • SCADA systems for Natural Gas Underground Storagel
  • SCADA systems for Irrigation network
  • Energy and Automation Systems for Mini-Hydro Power Plants
  • Energy and Automation Systems for Waste Water and Solid Waste Treatment Plants
  • Automation and supervision of processes in the Industry in general, cement, steel, automobile, etc.
  • Energy Management Systems
  • Road Tunnel Automation Systems
  • Command and control systems for luminous signs of airport runways
  • Technical Management of Infrastructures and Buildings
  •  MES (Manufacturing Execution System)
  • Analysis systems for industrial processes and the environment

Actemium Portugal has developed an information system for the management of energy and consumption. It is a solution for collecting, storing and analyzing values of energy consumption and other quantities (eg water or gas). Allows the calculation of the relevant performance indicators.

In this scope also developed eConPortable!

EConPortable is a portable power monitoring unit capable of measuring and storing the most significant power quality parameters: voltage, current, frequency, power factor, energy and power (active, reactive and apparent) and harmonics. This equipment is ideal for studying energy consumption in buildings and commercial or industrial equipment, helping the user to analyze consumption profiles, detect peaks or voltage drops or design a reactive energy compensation system .

Key Features

  • Real-time monitoring of the most significant power quality parameters;
  • Operation in single-phase and three-phase systems;
  • Local display of data on the analyzer display;
  • Access to a web portal for remote analysis of data through a computer with internet access;
  • Ethernet interface for transferring data to a computer;
  • Easy to use and operate.