Sotécnica specializes in the areas of HVAC and air conditioning, low voltage electrical installations, hydraulic installations, maintenance and in the manufacture of electrical panels, locksmithing and painting.

Sotécnica assures to the client the design and execution of electrical lighting and power installations, integrated security, video surveillance, gas detection, as well as transformation stations, integrated telecommunications and fluid networks and energy installations Renewable energy sources.

HVAC and Air Conditioning

It offers complete solutions at the level of the HVAC taking into account the energy efficiency, emphasizing for the comfort and protection of the environment. The solutions focus on the installation of ventilation, refrigeration and air conditioning systems and equipment, as well as the technical assistance and maintenance of special electromechanical thermal installations, both in industrial environments and in the tertiary sector.

Electrical installations

Through its Facilities and Tertiary Area (AIT) Sotécnica executes special installations in urban, commercial, administrative and industrial buildings. It elaborates the project together with the client, always taking into account the needs of the same and putting proactive solutions in the various areas of its polyvalence:

  • Design and execution of electrical installations in industrial and service buildings;
  • Outdoor Lighting; Computer Networks;
  • Telecommunications;
  • Electric Frames;
  • Protection against atmospheric discharges;
  • CCTV, Fire and Intrusion Systems;
  • Centralized Technical Management (GTC);
  • BT electrical installations (Power distribution, Lighting and Sockets);
  • Transformer stations and emergency generating plants;
  • Structured Cabling Network;
  • Communications Network;
  • Active Security Facilities: SADI, CCTV, Access Control, Intrusion


Hidraulic instalations

Aware that more and more the customer wants a turn-key service, Sotécncia guarantees assistance in all phases of the project so that the customer is always accompanied and that its objectives are achieved in relation to the project.

The support of the specialized team of Sotécnica to the client passes through the following hydraulic facilities:

Water and sanitation

  • Construction and maintenance of water distribution networks;
  • Construction and maintenance of sanitation networks;
  • Home technical assistance;
  • Installations of telemanagement systems;
  • Detection and repair of leaks.

Fire Networks

Automatic extinguishing system by:

  • Water;
  • Water spray / mist;
  • Foam;
  • CO2;
  • Inertial Gases

It also has technical capacity for the development of projects in gas networks and steam networks.

Electrical Cabinets

Sotécnica’s Manufacturing Area designs and designs high power and complexity switchgear, automation and HVAC panels, rail control and signaling racks, bus tunnels, medium and large metal structures, outdoor monoblocks executed in various materials such as Stainless steel.

Dedicated to the design and electrification of medium voltage electrical and monoblock panels, as well as to the most diverse works in the field of metalworking, including technical furniture and surface treatment, it seeks to respond to the needs of the client, providing technical and economic advantages In the short term. In order to achieve its objectives, the Manufacturing Area faces the problems of the customers as its own.

The expertise of the Manufacturing Area covers several competences, such as:

  • OKKEN power boards up to 7300A and form 4b;

  • Boards for HVAC installations;

  • Automation boards;

  • CCM tables;

  • Custom boards made of sheet metal, aluminum and stainless steel;

  • Synoptic Frames Medium voltage monoblocs;

  • Shelters for various applications;

  • Telecommunication power racks;

  • Surface treatment;

  • Command and control tables;

  • Cable paths;

  • Metal structures for the most diverse applications;

  • Epoxy powder paint with polymerization furnace.


The Maintenance Area of Sotécnica develops and maintains a network with national coverage close to customers – Keep, Explore and Value – with excellent multi-technical skills.

It offers a set of solutions for multi-technical maintenance and facilities management in service buildings, industrial units, commercial spaces, housing and others, allowing the client to optimize and reduce operational and maintenance costs, in a process of continuous improvement.

It offers broad capabilities and innovative solutions, not only for global multi-tech maintenance, but also for energy efficiency, preserving the environment, quality and safety of people and goods.