VINCI Facilities: technical expertise in facility management

VINCI Facilities proposes a customised offer carried by facility management solutions that combine multi-technical maintenance, operation and user services.

Thanks to their proximity to their customers, the VINCI Facilities business units can adapt to local conditions, understand customer expectations and step in quickly when needed. To meet multi-location and multi-country demands, they also set up a dedicated coordination structure. They delivers services for tertiary and industrial sites, large public buildings and so-called “critical” sites such as data centres.

Comprehensive expertise in building life cycles, together with experience as an operator in the field provide VINCI Facilities with the relevant experience needed to respond to a wide range of customer expectations. The business units have the service mindset needed to create a sustainable trust-based partnership.

Taking care of buildings, their occupants and environmental impacts

VINCI Facilities provides facility management services for buildings and their occupants. Among other services, the brand knows how to:

  • Ensure building maintenance with the technical expertise of its teams and enhance the potential value of real estate assets,
  • Perform multitechnical maintenance, ensure the comfort of building occupants and improve their working environment – driven by a spirit of customer service,
  • Reduce the impact on the environment through a comprehensive energy efficiency system.

A wide range of services to ensure energy efficiency

VINCI Facilities offers scalable services in the area of energy efficiency to meet the requirements of both the customer and the building:

  • audit and measurement services,
  • consulting in building renovation and operation,
  • facilities management,
  • occupant awareness programmes,
  • purchasing optimisation.

Imagining new facility management services

VINCI Facilities places a great importance on developing innovation, professional tools, targeted offers, and on promoting best practices from the field.

VINCI Facilities has rolled out its new FM services portal, Wayin’. The brand also leads several projects of co-innovation on using BIM for building operation and on user experience with the Smart Building Lab.

In Portugal

VINCI Facilities in Portugal is dedicated to the permanent satisfaction of customers’ needs, offering them differentiated services and solutions with the best quality and efficiency.

Based on a continuous improvement process, our service is based on the following principles:

  • Personalized service;
  • Double approach: local and global;
  • Optimization and long-term support;
  • Innovation continues;

VINCI Facilities focuses on the maintenance of urban buildings but also on the maintenance of airport facilities.

The maintenance contracts are performed with a Management Software. This software allows VINCI Facilities and its clients to obtain, in real time, via the Web, technical, economic, operational and historical information.

All clients are assigned a contract manager who answers to all technical, administrative and operational matters.

VINCI Facilities acts in several areas such as:

  • Operation and management of multi-technical maintenance
  • Electricity BT / MT
  • Telecommunications
  • Centralized Technical Management
  • Ventilation and Air Conditioning
  • Command and Control, Technical Management and Communication
  • Security systems
  • Alternative and Renewable Energies
  • Furniture management
  • Etc.

The motto is to meet customer needs: AUDIT, OPTIMIZE, MAINTAIN.